Custom-made trunks and wooden accessories

Putting industrial methods to the service of French-style luxury

As a specialist in woodwork since its inception, STIB was a natural port of call for a major name in luxury products seeking to design and produce this chest with rounded-corners.

We had to find solutions to several difficulties:

  • How to make the rounded corners and interlock them with straight boards,
  • How to ensure rabbets were appropriate for the subsequent padding,
  • How to fit the bottom and lid.

To the high-class craftsmanship of the client STIB was able to add its industrial organisational prowess, its ability to custom-build parts, its shop drawing skill and its expertise in optimising production methods. STIB takes account of the requirements of the client’s assembly shop and helps it achieve the highest possible level of quality.

This is an exchange that demonstrates the full scope and power of partnerships, as STIB can adapt to the specific demands of a given market particular market and come up with creative solutions.

Since then STIB has gone on to devise ever more complex trunks, featuring drawers and accessories.

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