• connector technology
  • electrical equipment
  • lighting appliances
  • medical
  • instrumentation
  • sports and hobbies
  • tinterior furnishings
  • leather goods
  • costume jewellery

The company

As architect of your customised solution, expertise and know-how are the cornerstones of our business.

Each manufactured part is unique, possessing its own history… It is the fruit of work conducted by teams in our workshops.

Entreprise Stib


Established in 1971, STIB is located in France, in Neuville-sur-Ain, between Lyon and Geneva.

Originally the “Industrial Company for the Transformation of Wood”, STIB has evolved with the market, developing its expertise for the serial production of non-ferrous metals and plastics parts.

Thanks to its experience manufacturing in the French way, STIB is developing its Tunisian Production Unit and is proactive in the field of international sourcing.