At STIB, Quality means ensuring that the delivered parts conform to client specifi cations and that the means used fit the requirement.

At STIB, Quality is not a meaningless word - it is contained in every person, every action…

At STIB, each project is based on the notion of Quality; that is what determines the process to be used.


Ensuring quantity, guaranteeing delivery times and optimising costs… A true corporate culture.

STIB implements certain measures in order to run more effectively… Traceability, monitoring and tests are major assets, the key to industrial production.

Qualité Stib

Qualité industrielle

Industrial Quality in figures

The Quality Laboratory, is comprised of :

  • 3 full-time employees
  • 20 types of standardised tests
  • 547 monitoring devices and gauges

ISO 9001 certification

Each year...

The Quality Laboratory checks :

  • 1,500 components
  • 3,500 supplier deliveries

The Quality Laboratory carries out :

  • 10 supplier audits
  • 50 technical visits